Tracks 3.0.16 Stable

Released on: Sunday, 31 May 2020 00:00


* Fix wrong link to table error in mod_tracks_result
* Added rankings and stats in individual view
* Global parameter to use nickname instead of full name in frontend display
* Disable extra individual fields in global settings
* Fixes for edit individual in frontend

* Fix round display bug

* fixing missing language string
* Fixing wrong check in indivual form
* Fixed onContentPrepare warnings
* Fixed save time in gmt in db

* Place modules css in media folder for easier override
* Added project navigation to frontend project views
* Added individuals stats to team view
* Style clean up
* Fixed warning in latest results module
* Removed unused updateserver reference for modules
* Added team stats
* Add team to individual
* styling of teams view
* fix missing language strings
* https for link to jlv-solutions
* styling of rounds and individuals lists
* show history of winners in round view
* Modifications for profile module

* Package modules and plugins directly with component
* breadcrumb in project view backend
* Fix project display or winning team when no winner yet
* Fix round date display in project view
* Updating modules
* Added rel noopener to link to jlv-solutions
* checkin profile in view
* fixed db format for dob to datetime
* Added gender for individual, and option to show/hide gender and dob in frontend
* window title in backend
* round result breadcrumb
* Fixed double display of participants in results if they have multiple teams
* Added view website button in admin backend
* fixed multiple listing of same participant in results if has more than 1 team assigned
* require and ship with redCORE 2.0.0
* changed tracks requirement to joomla 3.5
* implementation of new joomla router
* Enhanced Round view

* Fixed team picture display
* lang update

* do not show custom fields if disabled
* Added updated server for customfields
* #66 implemented custom top for rankings
* Display custom fields in results
* Implementation of custom fields for teams and results in frontend
* Implementation of custom fields for teams and results in backend
* Implementation of custom fields for individual in backend
* #66 fix missing strings in project settings
* #66 fix wrong string in config

* about page update
* fixed missing col th
* display nickname column if set in frontend
* warning fix
* better layout for individual view
* accordion not collapsed initially on backend
* better look for project participants view
* Display nickname in backend
* include nicknmane in frontend models

* better backend for import plugins
* Added formula1 import plugin
* fixed warning with point_attributions value
* redCORE bump to 1.10.6 Download now


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